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Apr 22, 2021
In Support
I saw that the M0 Feather can monitor the battery level, and was wondering if we could add some indication of when we need to charge it. Some ideas were: Have Dempsey yell "I'm going to need some juice soon" when it hits around 3.4V Have Dempsey yell "I need some Juice" when it hits around 3.3V Have a mode where when you turn the potentiometer all the way up or down to be battery level mode. Either have a bar graph of battery level with the barrel LEDs or just have a Green, yellow, red indication. Green = >3.5, Yellow = <3.5 but > 3.3, Red = <3.3 I just started to build my ray gun. I could help with the battery code if need be, but couldn't find the .wav files online. All I found was this youtube video with the quotes. I know there are ways to extract audio files from youtube, but haven't done it myself.


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