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May 21, 2022
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Greetings Andrew, I've been having some problems with my ray gun build recently and want to know how to fix it. So, basically I wanted to make sure that everything was working correctly before putting the whole gun together until I ran into these problems. I don't know if its something with the sensor or with my wiring but every time I turn on the ray gun it plays the turning on sound then the open sound, but, plays the close and open sound over and over again until I turn it off, I've even tried putting the barrel and tried putting a new magnet to see if it fixed it, but, none of these options worked. As well as the potentiometer not doing what its supposed to do, I try turning it but it seems to stay green all the time but at some point changes when a different sound is played. Another thing to note is that their are "different" types of ray gun sounds when I turn it on, it plays different pitched sound effects randomly but at some point has the regular pitched sound effects. I don't know if its either my bad wiring due to this being my first time making a project like this, or something is wrong with the speaker, potentiometer, and magnets. (Here is a video to show what is wrong) Sincerely, Roadwarrior
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