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This kit includes all the 3D printed parts needed to piece together your very own Ray Gun MK I Prop Replica.


As of 4/22/2024 this product is unavailable. THE PREORDER PERIOD HAS ENDEDAll product features and details are subject to change. Images and promotional materials may not match final product. Kits may be available on-demand, with short lead-times in the future. 


Inspired by the more modern itterations of the classic wonder weapon from Call of Duty: Zombies, this version of the ray gun is a vast improvement on "The Original" design offered by Andrew of The Ray Gun Project. Andrew has spent months designing this model to be a direct 1-to-1 representation of its in-game counterpart. On top of that, the electronics have been improved giving this prop more features, easier fabrication, and no bugs!


Ray Gun Replica MK I - Hardware Kit sold seperately.
Ray Gun Replica MK I - Assembly Drawings sold seperately.

Ray Gun Replica MK I - Assembly Video sold seperately.

Ray Gun MK I Parts Kit

  • All 3D Printed Parts Kits sold by The Ray Gun Project are fulfilled and shipped by Autotiv. The Ray Gun Project is an affiliate of Autotiv and receives certain privilidges and commissions as part of their agreement. The Ray Gun Project customers can use coupon code RAYGUN and receive an 11.5% discount for any services offered by Autotiv. The Ray Gun Project receives a commission every time a custoomer uses this code to create an account or make a purchase at 

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