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Professional engineering assembly drawings of the Ray Gun Mark I - Prop Replica made by Andrew of The Ray Gun Project. Also included with the drawings are the documents and files needed to complete a fully functioning ray gun replica.



RGMKI - Assembly Drawings

--- Ray Gun Assembly Drawings Cover.PDF

-- Ray Gun LED Prep.PDF

00 Fuse Electronics Subassembly.PDF
01 Barrel Subassembly.PDF
02 Frame Subassembly.PDF
03 Fuse Subassembly.PDF
04 Dial RIght Subassembly.PDF
05 Dial Left Subassembly.PDF

06 Heatsink Cover Subassembly.PDF

07 Ray Gun Final Assembly


RGMKI - Documents
RGMKI - Bill of Materials.PDF

RGMKI - Cold Sell Stickers_Print_Actual_Size.PDF

RGMKI - Dial Stickers_Print_Actual_Size.PDF

RGMKI - Electrical Components.PDF

RGMKI - Wiring Diagram.PNG


RGMKI - Feather Files


RGMKI - Assembly Drawings

  • A link to download the files will be sent to the email associated with your payment method. The link is valid for 30 days. If your link expires, please send to with your name and order number to receive a new link.

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